PIPA 2024 is here: meet the fifteenth edition of the Prize! – PIPA Prize

It is with great delight and joy that the PIPA Institute announces the PIPA Prize 2024. In its 15th edition, the PIPA Prize reaffirms its longevity and consistent support for Brazilian contemporary art.

PIPA is more than an award. It is a platform for promotion and research. Its websites (in English and Portuguese), filled with information on more than 650 artists and their main works, bring together exclusive content, making up a rich source of research, thus resulting in a window into Brazilian contemporary art.

While maintaining its essence, PIPA understands that the art scene in the country is alive, which demands careful observation to adapt to new formats and needs of this circuit.

The Prize aims to highlight artists with a recent trajectory, which began in the last 15 years, and who have a promising path in the circuit. It should be noted that, as Brazil has several regional micro art scenes, we are interested in affirming their diversity.

The artists will be nominated by a committee made up of professionals from various regions of Brazil and abroad who are active in the contemporary Brazilian art scene.

The PIPA Prize Board will select four artists among the participants in the PIPA Prize 2024 as the winners of this fifteenth edition.

Each Awarded Artist will receive a donation of R$25,000.00 (twenty-five thousand reais) and will take part in an exhibition to be held at the Paço Imperial do Rio de Janeiro between August and November 2024.

All the artists nominated for PIPA Prize are invited to take part in the PIPA Online, a voting opened to the public, on the internet, that helps to promote artists, especially those from outside the major centers.  Each of the two artists with the most votes will receive a donation of R$5,000.00 (five thousand reais). The voting is scheduled to happen in July 2024.

The artists nominated for the 15th edition of the PIPA Prize will be announced in bulletins between February 16 and March 1st.

Running the PIPA Prize for 15 years, the PIPA Institute also promotes other initiatives, such as acquiring and commissioning works (always by artists who have already participated in the Prize). In 2023, the Institute launched, together with The PIPA Foundation, a residency project for budding Brazilian curators in partnership with Chelsea College of Arts and TrAIN at UAL, in London.

Keep up with us on our website and on the Prize’s social networks to find out about the next steps in this edition and which artists will make up the group of participants. For more details read the PIPA 2024 regulation and follow the calendar.

PIPA 2010: exhibition of the first edition of the PIPA Prize, at the Museum of Modern Art (MAM Rio)

Awarded Artists PIPA 2023 Exhibition, Paço Imperial, photo Fabio Souza