The PIPA Institute maintains its mission to create and share a representative collection of contemporary art produced in Brazil. Since 2010, works by artists who have already participated in PIPA Prize are acquired, while finalist artists and the winners of PIPA Online have donated artworks for the collection until the edition of 2020. The collection is oriented by the guiding concept “Displacement”, in its various definitions. It may mean the movement of objects or people from a place to another; could be mandatory or spontaneous, and there is a feeling of urgency and a need of self invention associated with displacements – between countries, bodies, sexuality, identity, artistic languages, and supports. The works in the collection are available for loans, exhibitions have been held and we are open to developing new projects and partnerships.

As we are always updated to the production of artists who were part of the Prize, among the most recent acquisitions are works on paper from 2020 by Eduardo Berliner, finalist of PIPA Prize’s second edition, in 2011; two photo prints by Leticia Ramos, who was a finalist in 2016; and works by artists who participated in more recent editions, including the Awarded Artists of 2022 – Coletivo ColetoresJosiUÝRA and Vitória Cribb –, one of the Shortlisted Artists of 2021 and also the most voted artist of PIPA Online 2019, Denilson Baniwa, and the most voted one from PIPA Online 2020, Isael Maxakali. There are also works by Agrade Camiz, PIPA 2020 and 2021 nominee, and by Xadalu Tupã Jekupé, PIPA 2022 nominee. Last year, once more we presented, at the same time as PIPA Prize’s annual exhibition, the Recent Acquisitions of PIPA Institute show, in which some of the works here shared were displayed.

We believe in the relevance of fomenting artistic practices, supporting the production of new artworks and projects, with the mission of contributing to the international acknowledgment of Brazilian contemporary art. Thus, we present below the works recently acquired by the PIPA Institute:

Agrade Camiz

Coletivo Coletores

Denilson Baniwa

Eduardo Berliner

Isael Maxakali


Letícia Ramos


Vitória Cribb

Xadalu Tupã Jekupé

Each edition of the Prize, videos concerning the exhibitions are produced by Do Rio Filme, configuring yet another reference material about the present moment of national art. Check out below the video of the guided visit that was offered on the opening of the Recent Acquisitions: PIPA Institute Collection show (subtitles are available):

Check out the complete collection here.