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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1988. – Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
PIPA 2020 and 2021 Nominee

Agrade Camíz started her relationship with creative activities by writing as a way of self-knowledge and to create new realities. In 2010, she began to develop murals and narratives on the streets. She is a multimedia artist who articulates in her works matters related to sexuality, feminine oppression, body, childhood and Rio de Janeiro’s popular architecture aesthetics from suburbs and favelas, having developed her poetic research mainly through painting. She incorporates grids [grades] in many works, which refer to impositions and behavior patterns. She explores the spellings of the word grade [grid]; a grade [the grid], agrade [please], agradar [to please] and from the ambiguity of the meanings of agradar [to please] and limitar [to limit], the artist questions, in various directions, the behavioral impositions made up by the social setting/environment, which limit the possibilities of existence.


To learn more about Agrade Camiz, please visit her full profile on the PIPA Prize website.