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Contagem, Brazil, 1988.– Lives and works between Paris, France and Contagem, Brazil.
Represented by Periscópio Arte Contemporânea.

PIPA Prize 2018 and 2020 nominee.
PIPA Prize 2020 finalist.
PIPA Prize 2020 winner.
Member of the PIPA Nominating Committee 2021.

Randolpho Lamonier is a visual artist who graduated from Escola de Belas Artes of UFMG. His work moves between different mediums, especially in textile art practice, drawing, photography, video and installation. In his research, the word and image are always in dialogue and usually verse on micro and macro politics, urbanities, sentimental stuff, chronicles, journals and multiple crossings between memory and fiction. The artist lives between Paris and Contagem (Brazil).

"Canções para uma semente", 2021, sewing and embroidery on fabric, 65 x 75 cm


To learn more about Randolpho Lamonier, please visit her full profile on the PIPA Prize website.