Camila Soato

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Brasília, DF, 1985 – Lives and works in Brasilia, Brazil.
Represented by Zipper Galeria
PIPA Popular Vote 2013 winner.

In her work, the Soato combines the tradition of figurative oil painting, wrapped in a usual seriousness, with themes related to the satirical humor that comes from bizarre situations. Her works are clippings from fragmented images that narrate bizarre moments. She thus questions the possibilities of producing figurative paintings and inserting them in the field of contemporary artistic production. These images, permeated with strong narratives, associate situations–where something occurs almost accidentally–with the quality of paint applied with brush strokes. The brush strokes are incarnated, fleeting, and serve as indices that reveal the process of the work: smudges and stains. Carelessness is assumed as a poetic element.


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